Why Choose Us?

Competitor Analysis:

Accurate competitor  analysis

Competitor Analysis:

Accurate competitor  analysis is a crucial part of any developed marketing strategy. At JWon Consultants we strategically evaluate your current competitors as well as any potential upcoming competitors for the fiscal year. Our promotion techniques focus on delineating the advantage of choosing our clients. We ensure the unique features of each client’s products or services allow them to stand out from the crowd.


We assess competitor strategy, growth trends, profitability, marketing targets as well as overall strengths and weaknesses. We then incorporate this information into the planning stages of promotional campaigns to most directly connect with target demographics. We put our client first by taking time to not only familiarize ourselves with their products and services, but also with any in-market competitors.


Lead Generation:

We have an established network in place to create quality customer leads, encourage consumer inquiries and promote customer retention after acquisition. We offer quality lead generation through isolating individual goals and  confirming each leaf fits ideal customer profiles. Utilizing consumer data we drive increases in customer loyalty and generate useful sales leads.


When considering a potential new client, before we start working with them we conduct extensive research to see if the product offering, branding goals and pricing strategy are aligned with our direct marketing approach.. The ideal type of product offering has cost benefits or savings over competitors, differentiated from other products and services in the marketplace and is  viable for market proliferation.